The Scottish Storytelling Forum (SSF) is a membership organisation, dedicated to keeping the art of live oral storytelling alive and growing in Scotland through a diverse network of storytellers and individuals supporting Scotland’s vibrant storytelling community. 

Facilitated by Traditional Arts and Culture Scotland (TRACS) and based at the Scottish Storytelling Centre.

The SSF blog series hopes to introduce you to the many different strands within the storytelling scene in Scotland and Beyond.

Rebecca Wojturska

Digital Ghosts: New Gothic Storytelling in Scotland

Lover of all things gothic, founder of Haunt Publishing and creator of a new audio book celebrating oral storytelling throughout Scotland, Rebecca shares her journey of making her idea a reality, with the help of the wonderful world of storytellers! 

Alongside the preservation of traditional storytelling, new forms are emerging; new ways of orally transmitting stories that reach new audiences further afield. It has been interesting to see the development of digital storytelling, podcasts and spoken word events, all of which serve to communicate new stories that will hopefully be passed along and down through time.

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